Cortona Old Town

3 3 Sq M: 120 € 390.000
3 1 Sq M: 120 € 370.000
Appartamento piccola Roma
2 1 Sq M: 70 € 270.000

Villas and Farmhouses

The elegant farmhouse
2 2 Sq M: 130
The Arch House
2 2 Sq M: 138
The Olive Grow House
4 2 Sq M: 224
Rustic house
6 Sq M: 1200

The real estate brokerage and trading services

Luxury Houses

Villa dei cipressi
7 4 Sq M: 500 € 1.650.000
Baroness villa
4 4 Sq M: 457 € 1.480.000
Villa Caprile
8 6 Sq M: 600 € 1.900.000

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The real estate brokerage and trading services

Our real estate agency has been trading for over fifty years with courtesy, professionalism and deep knowledge of the real estate market of Cortona and Tuscany. The services range from consultancy and brokerage in the activity of sale to the estimate of properties and lands for business advices and technical fiscal and legal assistance.

Apart from the negotiations for the purchase, we offer advices for any restorations and renovations. In addiction we offer the possibility of renting villas, cottages and apartments in the historic centre for short periods also.




Una Casa non deve mai essere su una Collina.

Deve essere della Collina, appartenerle, in modo tale che Collina e Casa possano vivere insieme,

ciascuna delle due più felice per merito dell'altra.

Frank Lloyd Wright

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